Friday, September 30, 2011

...and I'm hitting Craigslist again

My newest Craigslist ad, specifically for GRE-takers.

I admit I'm ambivalent about using Craigslist. While I've found some good people through the site-- I once sold a set of old D&D books to a Dungeons and Dragons fan, for example-- I've also encountered some freaks, like the person who asked me to help him cheat on a math exam. Craigslist is definitely a mixed bag; use it at your own risk. All the same, I'm hopeful that, through these ads, I'll meet high-caliber students who are motivated to do well on the GRE.

(By the way, for those who don't know: ETS is still compiling data on test-taker performance, so scores aren't being released-- for anybody-- until November.)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the first-ever Religious Studies course:
January 2012

Check back with me every now and again to learn more about the first religious studies course I'll be teaching this coming January. Most likely, it'll be a three-hour course taught on Sundays; it'll last about 15 or 16 weeks, and will be taught as an actual academic course, so expect the works: reading assignments, mandatory discussion, tests, research papers, etc. I'm probably going to teach Philosophy of Religion, since that's a pretty basic course for people who are dipping their toes into the pool of religious studies. To learn more about what such a course would entail, click the Religion tab above (or the link I just provided! it's the same thing).



There's a lot of information stored at those tabbed pages (see the links underneath the banner? Home, About, test Prep, Math, English, etc.?), but registering for a course of study isn't hard. The procedure is listed at the bottom of the Rates and Registration page, but I'm reprinting it here on the main blog for all to see:


1. Select your course of study: Test Prep, Math, English, Foreign Language, Religion. (Click the appropriate tabs above to read about what subjects I tutor.)

2. Determine your BASIC RATE by using the above information or by consulting the RATE CHARTS (the same as the information above, but in easy-to-read chart form). Factor in any rate adjustments related to the number of students and to whether the course will require a gas/travel fee.

3. Finalize the total cost. You will be paying a single lump sum. No installments.

4. Contact me (Kevin) via email and inform me that you wish to enroll (yourself or your child/children, or a group of students) in a course of study. Confirm that costs have been calculated properly, and settle on a mutually agreeable schedule for private lessons, to begin ONE WEEK after payment has been received (no earlier). My email contact info:

kevin.timeffortfocus [at] gmail [dot] com

5. Send your payment by whatever method you and Kevin settle on. Credit card is possible (card info can be given verbally or via fax), as are cash and personal checks.

6. Start lessons a week later!

UPDATE: I've created a registration form on Google Docs. The link to the form is here. Instead of printing the form out as paper, download it as an MS Word document, fill it out on your computer, save it, and send it to me as a file attachment. Use the above email address both for emailing and for PayPal payment. (The form doesn't ask you to list any of your financial information. Until I get enough business to justify my own website and payment-encryption method, it's best for prospective students to use PayPal, which is what I use for eBay and other transactions.)