Thursday, October 6, 2011

testing Google Docs

I've just written up and uploaded a registration form that has been converted to Google Doc format. Here is the link. You can use the form to register for my classes after we've had an email discussion about your academic needs and your preferred schedule.

Let's see whether this works...

UPDATE: The form seems to work. People simply need to download it as a Word document, fill it out, then send the completed form to me as a file attachment. The form doesn't require anyone to divulge credit card information; payment is through PayPal (using my email address,, as their payee reference), which is encrypted. I use PayPal all the time for eBay; it hasn't failed me yet.

NB: Please remember to double the "e"s in "timeeffortfocus." It's very easy to write "timeffortfocus" by mistake.


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