Wednesday, December 21, 2011

finding connections

One thing we like to do in American education is encourage students to think. Higher-level thinking involves synthesis, the act of finding previously-unseen connections and/or engaging in creative rearrangements.

Try this on for size: see what sorts of connections you can find between these apparently unconnected things:

1. diet/nutrition and gun violence

2. hairstyle and presidential elections

3. Governor Rick Perry and Mahatma Gandhi

And see what people have written about the connections between these things:

1. religion and life expectancy

2. heart attack and cancer

3. texting and car accidents

4. the speed of light and GPS systems

5. parking lots and national defense

6. solar activity and terrestrial climate

7. manufacturing and frogs

8. invasive foreign species and restaurant menus

9. Marriott and the moon

Have fun! Leave your insights in the comments thread.


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