Thursday, February 2, 2012

for those looking to learn Korean on their own

Sogang University has been running a self-paced online Korean program for quite a few years. Take a look at it here. While it's no substitute for taking an actual language class, it's not a bad place to start if you're motivated and self-disciplined. I haven't had the chance to review the entire curriculum, but I do like how the site deals with the rudiments of Korean writing and phonology.

Learning to read Korean script (hangeul) is vital for anyone planning to stay in Korea for any extended length of time. Although many navigational signs (e.g., in subway stations) also have English on them, you can't rely on this being the case everywhere you go. Many restaurant menus are written exclusively in Korean, as are many bus route diagrams. The ability to figure out place names, culinary terms, and other important words is vital, not to mention educational. Click on the Sogang U. link and get learning!

Keep in mind, too, that I'm offering to teach Korean!


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