Thursday, November 17, 2011

more French basics: le verbe PRENDRE

The verb prendre means to take. It's an irregular verb, conjugated like this in the present tense:

Je prends
Tu prends
Il/Elle/On prend
Nous prenons
Vous prenez
Ils/Elles prennent

Some sentences:

1. Ça va prendre du temps. (That's going to take some time.)

2. Va prendre ton bain. (Go take your bath.)

3. Jacques prend le train. (Jacques is taking the train.)

4. Tu prends ton sac? (Are you taking your bag/purse/pack?)

5. Ils prennent le meilleur. (They're taking the best one.)

6. Vous prenez des photos? (Are you taking pictures?)

This is another useful irregular verb. There are plenty more.


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