Sunday, November 6, 2011

the need for organization

This will be my 25th post on Time, Effort, and Focus. I've begun writing about various topics in a somewhat haphazard way, and it occurs to me that the time has come to impose a bit of organization on the whole affair. This will make it easier for a newbie to navigate the blog and find whatever topic he or she wants, and will also give the frequent visitor a greater sense of rhythm and routine. The first change is that I'm going to begin taking advantage of Blogger's labels-- a feature that arrived only belatedly on Blogger, but which has been standard on most other blogging platforms, such as WordPress. The second change is that I'll be blogging about certain subjects on certain days, following the subject matter on my tabs. From now on, then:

Mondays: Test Prep-related topics

Tuesdays: Math-related topics

Wednesdays: English-related topics

Thursdays: Foreign Language-related topics

Fridays: Religion-related topics

Weekends will either be a time of rest for me, or will feature a random assortment of omnibus topics-- anything goes.

You may start to notice that the posts I've already written will have acquired some labels retroactively. Use these labels to navigate, and fare thee well!


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