Wednesday, January 11, 2012

all hail ENGRISH! is a hilarious website that's been around for years. I first learned about it while I was living in Korea. The site features photos of mangled English, primarily from East Asian countries, much of which is uproariously nonsensical. Here are a few good ones, sorted by country.


1. To help you rent a nice family.

2. Don't hurt me for your pretty!

3. Do not disorder rubbish here.


1. I go down the stairs of the right side immediately and excel you.

2. Try to put on and out!

3. The wonderfully throbbing Christmas.

South Korea:

1. I do a lot of thing.

2. Crapmeat tortilla.

3. "Worm-up" clothing.

An exercise for the student of English: try to change the Engrish in the above-linked images into proper English!


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